Today’s Coveted Working Looks

by Rachel Yeomans | November 30th, 2009   

We all talk about the “work to evening” attire, and I think this Mac & Jac rose print skirt hits it on the mark. I love the three looks presented to show how to wear this at the office, at a casual day away from the office, and at a hip restaurant or lounge in the evening. Plus the print and colors provide a fantastic vintage look to the skirt with just enough mix of modern.

Picture143 Todays Coveted Working Looks

I absolutely love the casual country print and the extra chic detailing of this Alexander McQueen dress. And the short sleeved versus sleeveless design also makes this office appropriate without the need of a blazer or cardigan.

46638 fr l Todays Coveted Working Looks

Everyone needs a great blazer, and this Theory blazer is no exception. However more so than just the outerwear, the layering effect of the blazer, sweater and button-down make this working look very put together and chic. If you are trying to pull this off during your next day at the office, take note of the length of the items. Tuck the blouse in, don a nice long sweater or vest, and make sure your blazer is slightly shorter (but not too short) than the sweater and the shirt sleeve cuffs reach just past your wrists peeking out of the blazer. Pay attention to these details and you can pull this off with pizazz and stylish professionalism.

Picture29 Todays Coveted Working Looks