Today’s Coveted Working Looks

by Rachel Yeomans | March 23rd, 2010   

Usually with blouses I have a difficult time finding ones that are long enough on my torso. I am quite tired of the requirement of a camisole under the blouses that I own. Therefore imagine my excitement over this tunic blouse from Fashion Heist! The length is very flattering and doesn’t try to mimic a mini-dress. Also the texture with the front pleats add enough structure to shape the blouse so you don’t have to worry about belting it or hiding it under a blazer. And the wide cuffs are a definite bonus!

RHP1215 crop Todays Coveted Working Looks

I always talk about the perfect working look but what about the look that works perfectly for us? These adorable little chair pendants from Bruxe Design are ideal for the fashionable workaholic in all of us. Who wouldn’t want to have a conversation about this statement accessory?!

WORKSILVERFRONT Todays Coveted Working Looks WORKGOLDFRONT Todays Coveted Working Looks

We are entering into spring, which means the outerwear debacle has begun! Do you wear a coat or is a suit jacket enough? This bat coat also from our friends at Fashion Heist is not only extremely adorable but it also offers a fantastic alternative to both the coat and the blazer. Wear it indoors, where it outdoors – and always look fashionable and work appropriate.

RHP1668 Todays Coveted Working Looks