Today’s Coveted Working Looks

by Rachel Yeomans | March 15th, 2010   

It looks like a dress, but don’t be fooled by appearances! This adorable Derek Lam top and skirt offer both a professional and to be frank absolutely adorable look for the workplace. Paired here with a white blazer, what we have is a very fashionable and incredibly fun work look (with the added versatility of being mixed and matched!).

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It is so difficult finding the perfect blouse. Dealing with button gaps, length issues and bulky starched cotton leave little to be desired by the typical work item. This Marc by Marc Jacobs top offers a loving compromise between the typical blouse and the tee – it is professional, it is fashion-forward and it offers the concept of the blouse without the issues of fit and discomfort. Plus the color is just fantastic! It is shown here as a more weekend look, however pair it with black slacks and you’ve got yourself an ideal look for workwear!

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This entire outfit just makes me smile. The embellished sweetheart neckline with the gorgeous adornment on the Blumarine top give a basic cream top a declaration of glamour. Paired with a flutter-hemmed skirt of the same designer and you have an ideal work that is a perfect fit for spring!

6820 272  Todays Coveted Working Looks