Today’s Coveted Working Looks

by Rachel Yeomans | January 19th, 2010   

Our favorite work looks today center around ingenuity. It’s so refreshing when you can take a basic piece and turn it into that one item that makes the outfit. For example, this office vest by Theory one would think could only be worn over a button-down shirt and matching slacks. However paired with a romantic camisole and jeans ushers in an ideal and every-so-fashion Casual Friday look.

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The turtleneck is one of those go-to pieces that you usually grab when you want to be comfortable and fashionable without having to try too hard. This Karen Miller turtleneck kicks it up a notch with the fantastic asymmetrical snap enclosure angling the bottom of the top! Plus the black fabric lining the inside of the arms provides a lovely slimming effect making this a constructive and very creative office garb standard.

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You may have read our other article on the boyfriend jacket; and well, we’re not done yet. This herringbone jacket by Vince paired with a simple long top and an eye-catching mini turns this outerwear piece from conservative to chic in a timeframe shorter than your lunch hour.

Picture128 Todays Coveted Working Looks