Today’s Coveted Working Looks

by Rachel Yeomans | January 18th, 2010   

Today’s coveted working looks revolve around creative layering. I got to the point the other night en route to a work event where I pulled things out of my closet that had nothing to do with one another. The result, my Mike & Chris billowed long-sleeved grey top under my Elie Tahari little black dress with textured tights, knee-high gray Eric Michael boots, and a wide gray Rebecca Taylor belt. And shockingly, it actually worked! And it looked really good! I am usually a very simple dresser, so this was a very eye-opening experience for me. Therefore I got on the kick of layers, mainly because it’s still cold and also because I feel I have thrown my own gauntlet to keep up some creative layered looks (until the Spring thaw that is). Here are two layered looks I love from MaxStudio.

Picture122 Todays Coveted Working Looks Picture123 Todays Coveted Working Looks

And of course I can’t talk about layers without thinking about the working man. The work dress code is usually much easier to be creative with when you are a woman, but men still have their options for work-friendly layers. I love the sweater vest or the zip-up sweater or even the 1/2-zip mock sweater at the office. Professional, stylish, and quite importantly, warm enough to not require a hidden space heater. These looks were taken from

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