Today’s Coveted Working Looks

by Rachel Yeomans | January 12th, 2010   

What is it that I love today? Sleeves! These two dresses from Anne Klein offer two very classic streamlined looks (accentuated by the ever-so-fashionable belt), but offer something so many dresses don’t have, and that is coverage of the arms. Dresses are usually sleeveless or long-sleeved, usually nothing in between. These two classic and lovely work looks offer the sleeves that would make both looks appropriate even sans the blazer.

PG.49011110.JJ772XX.PD  Todays Coveted Working Looks PG.10127923.JJ4FAXX.PD  Todays Coveted Working Looks

I have an affinity towards statement jewelry, as well as statement watches. I love the color of the strap and the statement that the large round face would make on my arm when I’m running a presentation. Plus this watch actually has numbers on it – I can tell the time much more easily with numbers!

PG.9145WTRDKK.REDPA .PD  Todays Coveted Working Looks