Today’s Coveted Working Look: Working in Red

by Rachel Yeomans | April 12th, 2011   
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One of my favorite movie lines is delivered by Cher’s character from Moonstruck: “One day you’ll drop dead and I’ll go to your funeral wearing a red dress!”.

The red dress has long been symbolized as a garment worn by women who have a different type of business in mind. A business that isn’t as respectable as those many of us strive to achieve. However…we as women look upon the red dress as a garb of power, prestige and confidence. We can incorporate it into a work look with perhaps a red patent bag or a pair of pumps with a gray dress and blazer. But going back to the red dress – well, why not?

Picture 48 Todays Coveted Working Look: Working in Red

The red dress above by Calvin Klein with a skinny black patent belt is a wonderful example of a business-appropriate dress…that just happens to be red. The length is just above the knee and the collar mimics that of a collared blouse. A black cardigan and blazer paired with this shift is a perfect (and extremely appropriate) addition to your working wardrobe.

Picture 49 Todays Coveted Working Look: Working in Red

Red dress a little too much? This DKNY top may be just enough to provide that feeling of pomp and power to work any board room. Plus the ruffles soften some of the ‘sexiness’ of the ensemble. So tomorrow when you get ready for work, if you are deciding between blue or pink…why not go red?


I love red, it is my favorite color! Although I do believe that there is a shade of red out there for every woman (yes even redheads):P


Red is definitely a brilliant and powerful color. Women look outstanding in this color if it complements their hair, skin tone and eyes. However, the reverse is true if this color clashes with these features. I suggest that before you don red, really examine how it looks on you or hire a professional to do your color analysis.

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Such a great point! Thanks so much for posting!