Today’s Coveted Working Look: The Summer Pant

by Rachel Yeomans | July 19th, 2011   

It’s no secret, I’m not much of a ‘pants girl’. You’ll see me in skirts and dresses or even leggings and a tunic before you see me in pants. That doesn’t mean I don’t own my fair share, particularly when I do have the urge to don the trouser. These Tory Burch slacks I admit make me want to tuck in a white blouse, slip on a pair of red ballet flats, and walk into the office with the cutest summer power suit of the season!

Picture 22 Todays Coveted Working Look: The Summer Pant


Those are absolutely adorable! I love the pockets. Too bad my wallet wouldn't like Tory Burch. ;)

theworkwardrobe moderator

@annedreshfield I know aren't they amazing?! Sorry your wallet isn't akin to Tory Burch, however you never know how much the sale may increase! :)