Today’s Coveted Working Look: The Brown Button-Backed Dress

by Rachel Yeomans | July 29th, 2011   

Brown is one of those neutrals we don’t think about very often. Usually the black dress receives the label of “my standard”. Well this Theory dress is anything but standard, yet I’d be willing to bet it’d be a great go-to piece for any of those days we want to look great but don’t have the time nor energy for the effort.

Picture 85 Todays Coveted Working Look: The Brown Button Backed Dress

And behold…the buttons! With this type of simple yet sophisticated detailing (including the pockets – I admit I’ve become a pocket snob and strongly consider not purchasing a dress or skirt based solely on the non-existence of pockets), the dress provides just enough detailing to bring style forward that brings forward the tone of “effortless chic”. One note, that the shoes shown in the picture would not be appropriate in many offices, nor would the sleeveless cut. If you have a cardigan or a cropped blazer or a closed-toed wedget or platform nude pump, then you can definitely work this look!

Picture 91 Todays Coveted Working Look: The Brown Button Backed Dress