Today’s Coveted Working Look: Having Fun With Your Workwear

by Rachel Yeomans | August 16th, 2011   

Every month when the influx of fashion magazines hit my mailbox, I usually spend a good deal of my weekend flipping through the pages. And admittedly many times I spend more time gawking over the photo spreads and advertisements than the actual articles (not all the time I promise). This ad really caught my eye for Kate Spade. This look is shown in a very “goings-on-about-town” type of way. But if you store the pink gloves for later and opt a strand of chunky pearls with a low bun, you can really take this dress in strides at the office. The pop of pink at the bottom of the full skirt is so much fun, but not at all inappropriate for work. And then it hit me – this look is just pure fun!

Kate Spade 791x1024 Todays Coveted Working Look: Having Fun With Your Workwear

So many times people think that you can’t have fun with work work clothes. I couldn’t disagree more! And dear working men, do you notice the color of this man’s socks? Wouldn’t hurt to be a bit daring with color yourselves…just throwing that out there. So dear ladies and gentlemen, let’s take this opportunity to have fun with not just what we do, but with what we wear. People say a laugh is contagious. Well so is fabulous fashion. So work it, and don’t be afraid to turn those heads!


Oh, Kate Spade is winning me over more and more. You're right, this ad is just delightful. And that DRESS! - polka dots never really go out of style, do they? Lovely.