The Working Man: For the Man Who Loves the Hoodie

by Rachel Yeomans | January 20th, 2010   

Most of the day we spend working rigorously so we can be rewarded with going home, perhaps pouring ourselves a drink, but definitely slipping into our sweatpants and a T-shirt. For men, usually the first item they reach for after a long day at the office or while lounging on the weekend, is the hooded sweatshirt. However, with some casual office environments – and some very casual – I have seen a few male coworkers don the hoody during the work day. I am all for comfort at the office, however the hoody is not appropriate business attire. So dear lads, here are a few alternates we came up for you to be appropriate at work while still being almost as comfortable as in your favorite cotton garb. This Jatort jacket looks every bit as chic as a suit jacket, however the soft cotton material and shoestring accents make it just a little bit more laid back for your days answering emails versus shaking hands with clients.

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The easiest compromise to the hooded sweatshirt is the mock 1/2-zip sweater. They are very comfortable and incredibly stylish. It may be casual Friday or a weekend brunch – throw this on over your white T-shirt, and you will have heads turning the rest of the day. Here we feature a Hart Schaffner Marx light grey knit zip sweater.

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If pulling a sweater over your head is still too constricting, try this full-zip mock-collared sweater by Golden Goose. Made of black, heavy-knit wool, this zip-up is ideal for wearing over your collared shirt or your T-shirt (providing it’s a casual dress code) at work.

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Yes I know that these looks are just compromises to the hoody, and you may argue that a compromise is not the real thing. However would you wear your pajama pants to the office just because your jeans or slacks don’t work as an appropriate compromise to the comfort of your favorite pair of pj’s? These sweaters may not be your weekend ideal, but it’s better to have a compromise that won’t hurt your career versus not having any compromise at all. At least that’s where we stand. So stay warm, work hard, and your hoody is waiting for you when you get home.