The Secret Weapon Work Accessory: The Ultimate Purse Organizer

by Rachel Yeomans | December 8th, 2009   

I have a saying that I frequently tout whenever digging for my business cards: “No matter what size the purse, you can never seem to find what you’re looking for.” And from meeting to meeting, event to event, I find this saying to be very true.

Usually we women have several items we “need” to have on our person at one time. These could include the cellphone, planner, gps, notebook, pens, lipstick case, lip gloss, lip balm, hand lotion, business card holder, wallet, ipod, umbrella, and miscellaneous items we may need at any given time. Like most women, after a day’s use of the purse, I either keep reusing the same purse to avoid item transfers, or I hastily make said transfer early in the morning and always end up forgetting something vital to put into it.

jjWhat+A+Mess The Secret Weapon Work Accessory: The Ultimate Purse Organizer

What would make the purse-adorned working women’s lives a bit less frazzled? I think I may have found the answer with The Ultimate Purse Organizer™ by Joey Junior™ Products.

Usually the purses that we carry have two flimsy fabric pockets on the inside of the purse and just one zipper pocket. In today’s working world (and with the heft of the iphone or blackberry), these purses need a bit more pocket. The Ultimate Purse Organizer provides just that! What I love about the organizer is that it’s simple. Sometimes I feel the more complicated organizers make things, well, more complicated. The Organizer is a line-up of different sized pockets that wraps around the inside of your purse leaving the middle and bottom clear for your larger items.

Joey+Junior+Purse+Organizer+Candy+Apple+Red The Secret Weapon Work Accessory: The Ultimate Purse Organizer

The Original Classic Purse Organizer has 6 pockets, a special pocket for business cards and a key clip to keep your keys from slipping to the the bottom of your bag. The organizer measures 5” x 26” and comes in 9 shades and patterns. The smaller Mini version is 4 ¼” x 7 ½” with 4 pockets and the same great key clip. Celebrities who own Joey Junior Purse Organizers include Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, Courtney Cox, Megan Mullally. However don’t expect to pay celebrity prices for these items; retail is priced under $25.

jj insert and go The Secret Weapon Work Accessory: The Ultimate Purse Organizer