Raising the Bar on Business Attire for the Attorney

by Rachel Yeomans | October 2nd, 2009   

Of all the professional types whose appearance can influence business success, few have to stay on top of their game more than attorneys.

Yes, you expect a nice suit or a nice skirt on your lawyer. But attorneys in standard business wear are a dime a dozen. The most successful of them combine “nice” with perfect accessories and attitudes that say, I’m not just doing this because of my job. I look this good all the time!

“Let’s face it, human nature being what it is, when we pay attention to looks, looks matter,” says Susan Powell, a licensed clinical psychologist and principal with New York-based jury consultants Strategic Litigation Research. “And an attorney who doesn’t look right is an attorney who will not have the confidence of his client … or, possibly, a jury.”

We consulted four of Miami-Dade and Broward counties’ sharpest dressers to find out what the Floridians wear, how they dress it up and how they match their mental and emotional styles to their look.

ImageFetch Raising the Bar on Business Attire for the Attorney

Click here to read the findings from James H. Burnett III of McClatchy Newspapers, posted on Centredaily.com.



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