Project Runway Goes to the Office

by Rachel Yeomans | August 23rd, 2011   
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Last week was one of the most “productive” Project Runway episodes I have seen in quite some time. Productive meaning, that I can actually translate the items for the office! The challenge: Dress judge and Marie Clarie Fashion Director Nina Garcia in a look that she can wear to the office and transition in to evening. An ideal challenge for the working wardrobe!

The winning look was also my favorite. Contestant Kimberly (#PR9Kimberly on Twitter) made an amazing blouse and pant combination.

Picture 24 Project Runway Goes to the Office

This look didn’t just work for a woman working in the fashion industry – it would work with any working woman who had a blazer to pair it with! There have been many times I wish I could buy items straight from Project Runway – and this one is on the list! What I probably loved best about the episode was how direct Nina Garcia was to the designers. She knew exactly what she wanted and what she didn’t like, and wasn’t afraid to give her opinion. As a customer, she herself truly worked it!

Here are some other favorites, albeit some of them need some strategic layering or hem-lengthening to work at most offices, but we can allow some suspension of disbelief for a runway show.

Picture 37 Project Runway Goes to the Office

Picture 48 Project Runway Goes to the Office


You're right, the first one is the best! I wonder about that little cutout though -- some people might do a double take. It definitely adds interest, though!

theworkwardrobe moderator

@annedreshfield I thought that at first, but it's placed high enough that I don't think it would cause too much gossip at the water cooler. :) All I know is, I want those pants!!!