Jones New York Features the Blazer

by Rachel Yeomans | September 14th, 2011   
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I’m really enjoying sharing with you some of my favorite print magazine advertisements and features. It’s one way I feel that I can bring print to the interwebs. One ad that I saw pop up in a few of my September issues was one from Jones New York. It was a two-page spread showing women wearing a blazer.

JNY 791x1024 Jones New York Features the Blazer

What caught my eye however was that the ad charged you go check out for more. “Intriguing,” I thought. So I of course checked it out! Here’s what I found:

Picture 16 Jones New York Features the Blazer

This sort of online magazine/shopping center featured the blazer in several different situations that we working women find ourselves in on a regular basis. They took you through the business meeting, the boardroom, the business lunch, and of course from the desk to dinner. There were others of course, but what I took away was an ad campaign that I thoroughly enjoyed. I read an ad in a magazine, was told to read more about this one item of clothing online, and then I was treated to a slide show and shopping options! It also helped that the outfits were quite stylish as well.

Picture 23 Jones New York Features the Blazer