In Down Economy, Men Invest in Classic Pieces

by Rachel Yeomans | September 19th, 2009   

How is the economy affecting the male work wardrobe? Read to see what Karen Nazor Hill of Chattanooga Times Free Press has to say:

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The latest trends in men’s clothing may be hanging in your closet.

Classic styles are recirculating this season, according to Bruce Baird, owner of Bruce Baird & Co., a men’s clothing shop on Broad Street.

“It’s all about classics — the suit, the crisp white shirt and a sharp tie,” Mr. Baird said. “It’s a look that never goes away but one that catapults to the forefront when the economy is a little slower. People don’t want to waste money on something that lasts a couple of years. Investment clothing is ‘in’ now and will be 10 years from now.”

Picture127 In Down Economy, Men Invest in Classic Pieces

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