CubicleChic Work Style Week: One Skirt: Three Office-to-Party Holiday Looks

by Rachel Yeomans | December 17th, 2010   

Wow, I can’t believe #workstyleweek is wrapping up! And what a fashionable week it was! To conclude this fantastic blogger roundup, Nicole from Employed Panache shared with us how she took one skirt, and turned it into three office-to-party looks! Now that’s creative work fashion right there! Here’s a glimpse:

* * *

I think most people’s social calendars become pretty filled this time of year, even during the weekdays. As nice as it is to look forward to going out right after work, I find that it can be a pain to lug a whole new outfit to the office (plus makeup and whatever else) so you don’t have to stop home first. And for those of you who commute via mass transit, it’s even worse figuring out where to stash your big bag of work clothes once you make it to the restaurant!

So why not combine your work and going out outfit? Assuming you are not going to a formal ball after hours, it can be done – with the right items. Behold my high-waisted blue and gold brocade skirt!

Skirt CubicleChic Work Style Week: One Skirt: Three Office to Party Holiday Looks

See Nicole’s three work-to-party transitions by clicking HERE!


RT @theworkwardrobe: Take one skirt, and turn it into three office-to-holiday party looks! Thank you Employed Panache for the fantastic. ...