CubicleChic Work Style Week: Everyone Needs a Little Maintenance

by Rachel Yeomans | December 14th, 2010   

Now we are entering into Day 2 of #workstyleweek, and I’m quite excited about this post by Gaby of the Working Girl’s Shoe Closet as it’s VERY appropriate for the current winter season! With this post we learn how to care for our working soles…thank you Gaby for the fabulous advice! Read on for more – and stay tuned for more from work style throughout the week!

* * *

No matter what coast you live on (I’m writing from the West one!), it’s definitely winter! And while we love the holidays and fabulous styles that come with the season, we don’t love the impact and damage the weather inflicts on our favorite kicks. So this is my little list of ways to help your hot steppers stay haute!

MrClean.MagicEraser CubicleChic Work Style Week: Everyone Needs a Little MaintenanceMy most essential maintenance must-have is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I know it’s random, but this thing cleans off 99% of all scuff on any and all kinds of leather, faux leather and even fabric shoes. It REALLY lives up to its name and is truly magic. I have no idea what it’s made of, but once you’ve finished cleaning the counters of your bathroom, you can make your way to your shoes and those nasty little scuffs. I do recommend having one dedicated solely (ha! no pun intended..) to your shoes. I’ve never personally tried it on suede, so be cautious if you do and use it gently. I have some suede-specific suggestions below.

Read the rest of the article here and see what Gaby suggests to keep your suede shoes scuff-free and stylish in the working winter months!


Thank you so much! I hate scuffs I'm running out and buying this to-day