Cardigans for Young Men: A Cool Weather Garment That Young Men Need to Wear

by Rachel Yeomans | February 10th, 2010   

By Timothy Broderick

Young men need to wake up and look at an important option for winter wear: the cardigan. While pullover and V-neck sweaters are seen plenty on young gentlemen today, cardigans are not. These men need to consider this functional and stylish piece of apparel.

cardigan Cardigans for Young Men: A Cool Weather Garment That Young Men Need to Wear

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The Cardigan as Stylish Apparel
Cooler temperatures require clothing that functions well to retain body heat while amplifying a man’s personal style. Younger men are limiting themselves today by ruling out garments, like the cardigan, which would serve very well to enhance their image and keep them warm. It is high time that more men in their twenties turn to the cardigan to stay warm and show that they know what classic fashion is.

Today’s Impression of the Cardigan
Two images come to mind when thinking of a man wearing a cardigan. The first is an old man, the second is a 1950′s jock in a letterman sweater. If a man gets past these stereotypes, he will find an interesting and functional garment at his disposal. Sweaters are great for the winter and a cardigans will evoke double takes when a twenty-something guy confidently strolls through the cocktail crowd wearing one. Let’s relinquish outdated mental images of the cardigan as an old-timey thing and put on something different for a change. A cardigan matched up with a winter outfit shows unique taste which only a man attuned to permanent style can appreciate – be that man.

Quality, not Quantity of Cardigans
As with any good clothing, from jeans to socks to a custom suit, get quality clothing even if it is more expensive. It will be made of better materials, last longer, and look better on you. If you come across some good deals, then get three or four, depending on your geography (a man in Minnesota will need more winter wear than a man in Mississippi). Keep a balance of pullovers and cardigans in your wardrobe.

It might feel like going out on a limb for a young man to wear a cardigan, but rest assured, any young man can do it. So long as he coordinates the cardigan with the outfit, wears it confidently, and harmonizes his winter wardrobe pieces, a young man in a cardigan will make a bold but solid fashion choice.

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