Ann Taylor Means Business

by Rachel Yeomans | September 24th, 2009   

The advertising campaign Ann Taylor has touted over the past two seasons has caused me more than a few times to turn my head in appreciation. I admit I’ve always looked at Ann Taylor as the place you go when you are looking for first job and/or interview clothing that is simple and affordable to provide you with a work wardrobe ASAP. Lately I’ve noticed, however, that Ann Taylor has stopped being the emergency wardrobe staple. It is telling its customers that it means business – and as in business, it’s working it. I sauntered into the local Ann Taylor flagship a while ago to see if their clothes match up to their advertising. And lo and behold, I see what my business has been lacking – some Ann Taylor!

Since being placed on the Americas Buy list on July 22nd, the New York-based apparel retailer’s stock has risen 90 percent according to Forbes. Unfortunately, based on the risk they still hold after their 2008 upset, they have recently been removed from the Buy List. A bit paranoid, yes, but wouldn’t you be in this economy? I dare say, however, that with their vastly improved inventory and fewer promotions, we may see another up-tick with Ann Taylor’s ratings in the financial sector. In the shopping sector, however, they are hitting the money spot on.

For those of you who want an inside look into what you can professionally glean from Ann Taylor’s merchandise, you may want to saunter in to your local store listed below on the publicized date for an inside look at their new collection along with 40% off any single full-priced item. I might just see you there!

Picture163 Ann Taylor Means Business

Picture248 Ann Taylor Means Business Picture331 Ann Taylor Means Business

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