A Japanese Office Works “Cool Biz” into Dress Code – Here’s How You Can Do the Same

by Rachel Yeomans | June 9th, 2011   

Depending on where you are in the world right now, chances are you are feeling a rise in temperature. A rise so dramatic in fact that both you and your wardrobe weren’t prepared for the drastic changes. I wrote a blog post recently on how men can stay cool in the heat wave with their workwear. It seems that a Japan office has taken the challenge of staying cool at work to a whole new level.

Picture 231 A Japanese Office Works Cool Biz into Dress Code   Heres How You Can Do the Same

Just this morning, NPR reported that Japan’s Environment Ministry has instigated a “Super Cool Biz” initiative. This results in Hawaiian shirts, polo shirts, and even..wait for it…Crocs. The reason for the dress code shift is not to bolster happiness in the work environment or work productivity, but rather to combat power shortages following the nuclear crisis. This results in no overhead lighting turned, elevators not working, and the air conditioning turned off. This dress code is a way for employees to stay cool…and perhaps have a bit of fun with it.

Picture 24 A Japanese Office Works Cool Biz into Dress Code   Heres How You Can Do the Same

Many others may have the luxury of working inside air conditioned office space, yet we still aren’t allowed to change our dress codes to match those of a stereotypical California tech office. However that doesn’t mean you can’t play with the Hawaiian theme a bit. Now, I’m not saying don Crocs to the office. However, a Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt with a pair of light Chinos or a brightly-colored or printed dress and complimentary cardigan or button-down blouse could not only bring some of the luau spirit into the office, but it will keep you from breaking your office dress code.