5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Colored Trench

by Rachel Yeomans | February 29th, 2012   

By Noelle Cellini

The trench is such a classic piece.  We’ve seen it on everyone from Kate Middleton, Jackie O to Beyonce.  While khaki is the most common choice, I’m here today to give you some reasons on why a colored trench might be better.

1. While neutrals are great and the staples of any woman’s work wardrobe, the simple truth is everyone looks better in color.  You look more alive, fresh and ready to greet the day when you wear color.  I get the most compliments when I wear fabulous shoes and something in a color.  As a side note, teal is the most universally flattering color.  And, red heads can wear red (trust me, I know – I am one!) so don’t always resort to those “old fashion rules.”  Color is great!

2. Another thing about color is that it really pops against other neutrals. We usually can’t see your top underneath your coat, but we can see your pants or skirt, which is usually in a neutral.  (Neutrals are black, brown, grey, navy, white, off-white and denim.)  Therefore, a fabulous red trench would pop against black or brown pants or even a grey pencil skirt.  If you happen to be wearing color on the bottom half then, no worries as you’re right on trend with color blocking!  You win either way!

For instance, I love the lines of this Dawn Levy coat – so flattering!  The back is fun and the design is classic.  You can’t go wrong with red!

Dawn Levy Trench Coat 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Colored Trench

3. The nice thing about a trench is that it isn’t just for work.  The trench is very versatile and can be worn for the office or with your more casual outfits on the weekend.  Therefore, color looks great with jeans.  A black top or coat with jeans is nothing new.  We’ve seen this combination a thousand times.  Looking put together is not just for the office.  You never know who you might right into while walking your dog or getting groceries!  It’s best if it’s in color. This pink Vince Camuto trench, for example, would look great with jeans.  Make the look your own by adding a scarf and a metallic flat.
Vince Camuto Pink Trench Coat 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Colored Trench

4. Color enhances your mood.  We wear black when we’re in mourning and bright colors in the summer to reflect the energy of the warmer weather, so color plays an important role in how we feel.  Red is a power and a definite “notice me color” while blues are calming (and usually very flattering).  Tangerine is the color of the moment and here’s a trench by Tibi that has a fun, flirty hem.

tangerine Tibi trench coat 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Colored Trench
5. It’s important to remember that your coat is the first and, sometimes, the only item people see.  Now is not the time to choose khaki or black.  Color is more flattering, but also more memorable.  It’s a bit different, but that’s good.  You want someone to remember to call you to do business or use your services or product.  First impressions are not just for interviews – they happen every day!