Monday Start-Up: Yes, You Can Do It

by Rachel Yeomans | August 12th, 2013   

I recently accepted a job promotion. Yes, yes, thank you. However this isn’t a promotion that simply involves a raise and less work / more delegation. Oh no. This promotion is scary. This promotion requires responsibility and accountability not just for a division, but for an entire company. This requires me assessing budget, personnel and incorporating changes that may or may not be welcomed. Like I said, it’s scary.

I have the stubbornness and gumption to get things done. But the inevitable question keeps running through my head: What happens if I fail? I won’t be the only one to feel those repercussions…and it’d be my fault.

So I say again, this promotion is scary.

I had lunch last week with a mentor of mine who runs a company he grew into through many years. Through meetings with him and our company’s owner, I have pages of notes and to-do lists and back-to-back meetings that will last several years. But I have some plans. (Plans that will of course change.) And I have goals. (Some of which may not be met.) But hey, I have to start somewhere.

I have always been both cursed and blessed with a humble nature. I love my company and I want to see it succeed tremendously. This role is not for my personal ambitions. If it were up to me, I’d be in a vineyard writing my novel on a typewriter. (Damn you, reality.) So…I’m in this. And I’m going to do it. And I have the arsenal of feel-good items to get me through those terrifying stressful times. I know you go through these times too. So hey, let’s get through it together.

Download these apps:

  • The DailyHoroscope: I’m not an astrology person, but I look at this app as more of something I read to replace my mother giving me a reality check. Trust me, it’s eerily similar…and effective.
  • Life in Short: The most random quotes ever. Some will make no sense whatsoever, which feels oddly comforting.
  • Weird Word of the Day: You will learn some crazy new word every day. So even on days where you feel you accomplished absolutely nothing, you know that’s not true. Because now you know what “novalia” means.

Screen Shot 2013 08 11 at 3.54.59 PM Monday Start Up: Yes, You Can Do ItTake yourself out:

  • Go to the movies on your own, buy a small popcorn and a coke, bring a flask (oh don’t judge, we all do it) and laugh or cry or whatever you do. It’s much cheaper than therapy and is fabulously effective. My friend calls it “movie church”.
  • I recommend starting with The Way Way Back. (Confession: Saw it twice already in the theater.)


Screen Shot 2013 08 11 at 4.02.27 PM Monday Start Up: Yes, You Can Do It

  • Also read whatever other books you like too.
  • Don’t disregard comics. I recommend Fables and Y: The Last Man. You can buy them in print or download them through the Comixology app. You’ll get hooked.

Know your balance:

  • Sometimes distracting yourself with other people is great. Other times, it’s the worst thing you can do because you need to just be on your own for a bit.
  • Consider that long weekend visiting family or going for a day hike or something just to get away for a bit. You don’t need vacation time to hit the reset button.
Screen Shot 2013 08 11 at 4.07.29 PM Monday Start Up: Yes, You Can Do It

My Nephew and Nieces at the Packer Family Fun Time. (Yes, I even wore a Packer t-shirt.)

Get a cat:

  • I know, easier said than done. But it’s so nice having a companion, especially when you come home exhausted after a hellish work week. And they’re darn cute. Yes I’m talking about you, Fitzgerald. (I know, I’ve become that person. Deal with it.)

Don’t skimp on the outfit:

  • If you feel out of control in every other aspect of your life, take what little control you can get. In other words, don’t look like a street urchin on your commute just because you feel that way. Wear that dress that always works, add earrings and put on that red lipstick. I promise, you’ll feel that little bit better. The perfect way to start that day on the right foot!

Work out:

  • Yeah I can’t judge on this as I’m working on it too. But it’s a good reminder to try to fit in that yoga time.

It’s okay to have a cocktail:

  • …or two
  • ….or more
  • Rule of thumb…don’t drink to the point where to feel like you want to die when your alarm goes off the next day. It’s good to take the edge off, but don’t add edge before you even start the work day tomorrow. I promise, you’ll regret it.

Screen Shot 2013 08 11 at 4.10.37 PM Monday Start Up: Yes, You Can Do It

Okay…are we ready to conquer the world now? Hell yes we are! Here’s to us.

And yes, we can do it. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Ever.