Women on the Run: Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery Test Week Two

by Rachel Yeomans | November 2nd, 2011   

For those of you who didn’t read my last post on the topic, I am in the process of testing out the longevity of the Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery collection.  Hanes sent me two of their Silk Reflections tights (one black and one nude) to test out for women on the run, a category that would definitely fit the average working woman. Two weeks ago I wrote about how – after a full day of work and meetings – I was inspired to clean my apartment, while still wearing the pantyhose (and no, they didn’t run)! Well, let’s see how crazy I got last week!

Picture 143 Women on the Run: Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery Test Week Two

* * *

Last week was a crazy one! After a very adventurous test of meetings and events, I tried my best to run this hosiery ragged (sorry, couldn’t help it)! I wore the nude pair this time throughout the week. I’m not sure if it is the make of just the hosiery that I was sent, but I preferred the nude pair to the black as they seemed to fit my taller body frame better.

Also I learned something. I’m a very fair-skinned individual (in fact I’ve dubbed myself ‘see-through’ at times), and I was nervous about the pair of hosiery that Hanes sent me as the shade of it was darker than I am used to. Well, apparently I was wearing hosiery that actually made me look paler! The shade blended with my skin tone well, and my legs didn’t look darker than my arms. I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised!

So let’s get started.

I won’t bore you with the details of my schedule, so I will give you a basic synopsis. I wore the hosiery three times last week, and I washed them between each change. Day one involved a basic day at the office. Day two was a day taking public transit and bouncing around meetings all day and an evening networking event. The final day…I tested them out at my good friend’s wedding!

I’m personally amazed they haven’t run yet – not even at the toes as that’s usually where my hosiery runs first. I think for the final week I will really have to put them to the test. And I think I have the ideal test for them…stay tuned!