Women on the Run: Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery Test Week Three

by Rachel Yeomans | November 16th, 2011   

For those of you who didn’t read my last two posts on the topic, I wrapped up my testing of the longevity of the Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery collection.  Hanes sent me two of their Silk Reflections tights (one black and one nude) to test out for women on the run, a category that would definitely fit the average working woman. I wrote about how I was inspired to clean my apartment one week, and then test out the stockings at a wedding another! And no, they didn’t run.

Picture 221 Women on the Run: Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery Test Week Three

Well, this week they received their true test. As you may have read, I am moving to New York come January to market the launch of my print magazine and blog redesign. I am taking temporary residence to save money for the move. Therefore I moved out of my apartment and moved in with a friend until the big move. So as I was packing and running to Salvation Army and running back again…I thought that this was the true test for this so-called “run-resistant technology”.

No I did not wear the hosiery while moving my furniture as that I feel would’ve taken it a bit too far. But I did wear them (the nude pair – after washing) while packing, moving into my friend’s condo, and running three car-loads to Salvation Army. I have to report that a run did appear in the hose as a result of my efforts. However it appeared in the toe area – the spot I always get runs. Despite the cardboard boxes and running into corners and heaving up the stairs, the rest of the stockings didn’t receive as much as a snag. And here is the result of the first and third part of my move:

Packing 1024x612 Women on the Run: Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery Test Week Three

I admit I’m quite proud that I finally got the stockings to run without actually tearing them myself. Despite that the run wasn’t anything that impressive, it did convince me that Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery is indeed lasting. So dear stockings that must depart my wardrobe, I appreciate and am grateful for your strength these past few weeks. But have no fear, I will indeed buy more of you in days to come. I have faith that you can withstand a trade show.