Women on the Run: Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery Test Week One

by Rachel Yeomans | October 19th, 2011   

It’s that time of year to take stock of our current hosiery collection and see what new ones we need to purchase. Always a very fun process, right? During my own time committing to this process, I was given a challenge by Hanes Hosiery. Apparently the company manufactures hosiery that boasts a technology dubbed Lasting Sheer featuring “run resistant technology”. They sent me two of their Silk Reflections tights (one black and one nude) to test out for women on the run, a category that would definitely fit the average working woman.

Picture 132 Women on the Run: Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery Test Week One

I’m taking them to the test! For the next three weeks, I will write one post each week detailing how these tights fare during my workweek. This is the first of the 3-part series.

* * *

Week One: Meetings, Events, and One Dirty Apartment

To get a glimpse into my regular routine, I average about two meetings per day, with usually about one networking event thrown into the mix. Well, I think this week knew I had some hosiery to test out, because it decided to throw my entire week’s schedule into two days. So, I dressed accordingly.

I wore the black tights during one of my busiest days. I had two meetings, a networking lunch, and a fashion event. Now I have to be honest, I usually don’t like wearing full pantyhose as I hate the control top. I usually opt for thigh-highs with the elastic sticky trim on top to keep them in place. So I was a bit uncomfortable just because I wasn’t used to wearing hosiery like this.

Picture 142 Women on the Run: Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery Test Week One

However for those who like control top full panty-hose, I can report that they stayed in place the entire day, and didn’t make that weird line across my torso that so many control tops can cause. They also weren’t too loose or too tight around the leg. Nor did they run when pulling them on and getting them snagged on a fingernail (I confess usually my hosiery doesn’t last beyond a day just with the effort of pulling them on).

So my day continued, busy as it was, and ended around 8pm as I came back to my apartment. With the crazy week that I was having, I didn’t have time to clean. Well, I was testing out the longevity of the hosiery, right? So why not see how far I can take it?

So yes, I cleaned my apartment still wearing heels, my dress from work, and the Hanes Silk Reflections pantyhose. All I needed was a pair of pearls and I could have been transcended back to the 1950′s.

Picture 152 Women on the Run: Hanes Lasting Sheer Hosiery Test Week One

Finally, with a full day done and a clean apartment, it was time to change from my work clothes into some more comfortable attire. The time: 9:45pm. Did the pantyhose run? No they did not!

I am curious to see how they last after a washing or two, but this was a successful first week of trying out this hosiery. Maybe I should really push it next time and rearrange furniture.