Volunteer Gear: Wearing a Difference

by Rachel Yeomans | July 27th, 2009   

Volunteering is one of the most fruitful endeavors an individual can do; plus it is one of the attributes that prospective employers are looking for in their future team members. Some companies even require their employees to volunteer on a regular basis. Volunteer Gear took it one step further. The company and clothing line launched this month as a way to encourage people to help others, while supporting one another within a social media community.

With each apparel item, buyers will get a pair of dog tags making them a member of the Volunteer Corps. They also will receive a challenge: To go out and accomplish an act of volunteering. Once volunteers accomplish that act of kindness, they can register their good deeds online thus beginning a chain of events that will stimulate continuous acts of volunteering.

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Volunteer Gear President Tim Padgett stated, “We hope that by wearing our t-shirts, people will inspire others to get involved. It may seem like a small step to throw on a t-shirt in the morning, but we think that a fashion statement can also be an action statement. Good deeds are something that will never go out of fashion.”

Tim, we couldn’t agree more!