TJ Maxx Brings Affordability to Luxury

by Rachel Yeomans | September 10th, 2014   
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It would be a special treat. A big day. Mom and I would drive the 60 miles to Appleton, Wisconsin to go to our one-stop shopping destination. TJ Maxx. We’d spend hours – sometimes close to an entire day. We would grab our shopping carts and divide and conquer. Several full shopping carts and trips to the fitting room later, we would emerge with dresses that were originally $200-$400 with a red tag declaring in exciting, big screaming letters, “$22.50 FINAL MARKDOWN!

Remember when I moved back to Chicago and I posted pictures of my new apartment? That decorative vase? TJ Maxx.

apartment entry TJ Maxx Brings Affordability to Luxury

Those candlesticks and candle holders? TJ Maxx…and only $2.50!

dining room 2 TJ Maxx Brings Affordability to Luxury

Oh, and this Calvin Klein maxi dress? Ahem…TJ Maxx.

henri bendel satchel 768x1024 TJ Maxx Brings Affordability to Luxury

Needless to say, I am what they call a #maxxinista. So when I received an invitation to the preview of new TJ Maxx store on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, I naturally jumped at the opportunity!

Located on the second floor in the 600 N. Michigan Ave. building, you are welcomed into TJ Maxx by a fantastic rendering of the city skyline with the big bold red background and white sans serif lettering stating, “welcome to your michigan ave t.j.’s”. Why thank you, TJ. I feel welcomed. Walk into the store, and you are greeted with designer handbags, jewelry cases and glittering gold wall covering. I truly felt like I was in the Selfridge’s of discount shopping!

tj maxx michigan ave TJ Maxx Brings Affordability to Luxury

And speaking of those designer handbags… . They actually had an entire “Runway” section! Yes, a section.

blue celine bag TJ Maxx Brings Affordability to Luxury

tj maxx jewelry TJ Maxx Brings Affordability to Luxury

One of the show stoppers (well, the real show-stopper was that gorgeous blue bag by that French designer we all know and love…but let’s say show stoppers in my current budget) was this fantastic carry-on four-wheel suitcase (and yes, that is the right designer on that lovely gold tag). The price: $79.99. The overhead compartment never looked so good.

dvf luggage tj maxx TJ Maxx Brings Affordability to Luxury

Style expert Jamie Krell, who was giving tours of the new space, admitted that the suitcase might be flying with her to New York. Can you blame her?

jamie krell tj maxx TJ Maxx Brings Affordability to Luxury

I was a little relived I had dinner plans to curb the temptation – however I mentally plotted certain items that I would be visiting during my return visit. Now as many know, TJ Maxx’s home section is now Home Goods, which is usually connected to TJ Maxx in the shopping center style. Home Goods does not have a presence in this location, so don’t get too excited about bedding or curtains. But don’t worry, you can still easily achieve an overloaded shopping cart without too much effort.

I’ll report back with my finds! Share your own! Here’s TJ Maxx’s location finder so we can all be #maxxinista’s together. Let’s see how can stuff the most in their cart, ladies and gents!

And don’t worry, Mom, I won’t forget you during my visit.

Store photos courtesy of Getty. Product photos taken by the author.


I bought that same luggage? Is it small enough to be a carry on suitcase?