TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan: Surviving the NYC Sample Sale & Taking in the Sights

by Rachel Yeomans | January 16th, 2012   

To wrap up my first full week in New York, I had to do it with some style! I received a press release regarding a sample sale. And not just any sample sale – the very first AllSaints Sample Sale to be held in the United States! Now mind you, I have been to many sample sales. However this was my very first New York City sample sale. I envisioned what I’ve only seen in movies and imagined of in books – rows and rows of garment racks in a nondescript warehouse with multitudes of people ready to steal your steals as soon as you turn your back. Well, I wasn’t too far off.

Yes, it was in a nondescript warehouse in SoHo. The top floor was for men, and the bottom was for women. I decided to take a late lunch and went during an off-time (around 2:30pm) to avoid too many crowds. It was still quite crowded, and the line was almost down the block, but I plugged through! I guarded my finds, found corners to change at, and even coerced a few others to buy some items they were trying on! I felt like I mastered my New York City hazing – the sample sale!

Now to make matters more interesting, my friend Elizabeth who I met a year and a half ago during Fashion Week, invited me to the Anni Kuan sample sale that same evening.

Screen Shot 2012 01 15 at 8.07.11 PM TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan: Surviving the NYC Sample Sale & Taking in the Sights

I decided to cozy up at a cafe and finish up the work day with my iPad with a glass of red wine and some Tiramisu (yes, I was so cliche but loving every minute of it!). I then hopped on the train to meet Elizabeth at the sale in the Garment District. Now this sample sale was different. It was held in an office building. The doorman kindly let me up to the 7th floor – the door to the unit was locked, but a brief knock gained me access to a small and orderly sample sale that was much less crowded but contained just as good of deals! The total damage between both AllSaints and Anni Kuan? A total of 10 items and under $500. No wonder people in New York can afford to dress so well!

Moving into the weekend, I decided to be low key and focus more on exploration. I take walks nearly every day. Mainly, it gets me away from my computer. And secondly, the fresh air and scenery completely rejuvenates me and gives me some of my best ideas. So on Saturday I decided to take a jaunt along the river walking north. After a few hours, I returned for a quiet night and a homemade dinner…and work of course.

On Sunday I was very excited to wake up to get ready for recording my first NYC edition of my podcast, SpeakingOfFashion! After recording with the lovely Ryan M. Beshel of TheBowTieMemoirs, I got bundled up and headed out to use Card 21 of City Walks: New York City, a gift from my friend as a welcome-to-your-new-home gift.

Screen Shot 2012 01 15 at 8.25.16 PM TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan: Surviving the NYC Sample Sale & Taking in the Sights

I wandered through Chelsea and enjoyed a lovely stop at 192 Books per the card’s instructions. After buying myself a book, I followed the card to Cafe Grumpy, bought myself a coffee and read my book for about an hour or so. I then headed home after a quick pit stop to Trader Joe’s (FYI, the Trader Joe’s in Chelsea is so much better than the one in Union Square), then L’Occitane to buy some eye cream (they’re having a facial event next weekend btw!), and then wrapped it up back at home to type away on the laptop!

All-in-all, I had one fantastic New York City weekend. We’ll see what next week has in store!

Did you recently have to move for work? Share with us some of your tips and stories in the comments!


It sounds like you're really taking advantage of the city! I relocated to NYC last week for my job, and was thinking how perfect that the long holiday weekend fell on my first weekend as a New Yorker. I, too, have been walking up a storm & loving every minute of it!

theworkwardrobe moderator

@ArtfullyAwear Oh my gosh it sounds like we're in the same boat! Let me know if you would like to grab a coffee! Perhaps even a blog post would be inspired by it. :) Feel free to email me: Cheers!