TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan: Suitcase and the Subway

by Rachel Yeomans | February 5th, 2012   

This weekend was a bit of an adventure for me. I left my friend’s homey abode in Harlem to venture to Park Slope in Brooklyn to stay with my dear friend and his two roommates. I departed my friend’s studio, took my suitcase, shoulder bag, and shopping bag down her four flights of stairs and then sauntered (aka trudged) to the subway. I took the D train south to 34th and then transferred to the N to depart at 23rd to go to work. Yes, I brought my suitcases onto the subway during rush hour. Insert the word ‘crazy’ here.

Brooklyn TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan: Suitcase and the Subway

I left the office around 3pm in the afternoon to take the train to my friend’s house in Brooklyn. Just in case you didn’t know, Park Slope is called Park Slope for a reason. I rolled my suitcase and dragged my bags up a gradual (and quite painful) incline for about six blocks until I arrived. Despite the fact that I haven’t been able to join a Yoga or Pilates studio, I feel that I am not quite that out of shape considering the suitcase-lugging that I’ve been doing.

Park Slope by the way, is a very cute area of Brooklyn. We went to this adorable Italian restaurant on Friday evening called al di la. I highly recommend ordering their mussels appetizer. The risotto special was also quite fantastic – scallops and mushrooms. Delectable indeed!

Screen Shot 2012 02 05 at 5.28.34 PM TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan: Suitcase and the Subway

Walking back, we discovered an office chair poised by the garbage can ready for disposal. With that being said, I had my first experience of taking furniture off the street! I guess this could be considered a different step toward surviving my “New York hazing”.

The following morning I discovered an adorable local coffee shop, Southside Coffee. It was not just a cute little cafe, but while standing in line the owner was referred to by first name by at least two patrons, and the woman in front of me was given a complimentary latte because it was her birthday. If I lived in the area, I would frequent that coffee shop so regularly that I may have earned the mayorship on Foursquare!

For my last night in Brooklyn, Dave and I went to probably one of the most amazing pizza restaurants that I’ve ever been to. Giuseppina’s serves pizza or calzones and offers toppings at $3 each but provides toppings of fresh basil and garlic for free. You can also enjoy wine or beer, and you don’t have to wait long as they bring your food out to the table pretty quickly. Seriously, wherever you are in Manhattan, visit Giuseppina’s. It’s completely worth it!

Screen Shot 2012 02 05 at 5.35.50 PM TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan: Suitcase and the Subway

Early Sunday afternoon I took that same suitcase, shoulder bag and shopping bag and rolled it down the Park Slope slope and back onto the subway. I now am in temporary residence with my friend Scott in a beautiful high rise in the Upper West Side. Before I arrived, Scott emailed me a wonderfully kind bullet point list of how I can make myself comfortable in his apartment. One of them was having free reign of his bar. So with my scotch on this Sunday early evening, I say “cheers” to you, my wonderful friends and to my New York hazing experience!

scotch e1328481477291 TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan: Suitcase and the Subway

Abigail Yeomans
Abigail Yeomans

I have been trying to look more professional at work and school thanks to you. I figure practice makes perfect? Even for your bohemian & broke sister :) BTW this article made me laugh, and made me jealous hard core. I want to struggle up a hill in New York City right now if there is a cute coffee shop and amazing pizza on the top!

Natasha Fatah
Natasha Fatah

I'm so excited for you Rachel and all your success! Enjoy Manhattan!


theworkwardrobe moderator

@Abigail Yeomans Well this suitcase-toting sister will make sure that you enjoy cute coffee shops and pizza WITHOUT the shoulder aches from overpacking!!! :) Love you hon!!!