TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan – Moving for Work

by Rachel Yeomans | January 5th, 2012   

So two days ago I boarded a flight with a one-way ticket. I brought three suitcases, one carry-on roller bag, and one very large purse duffel. Now, of course I can’t take the day off when I move across the country. Don’t be silly. So I rolled these three suitcases and threw the duffel over my shoulder three blocks to grab a taxi to my meeting in downtown Chicago (wearing my fabulous new wool and faux fur Rachel Zoe coat) – let me tell you, only buy four-wheeled suitcases. They will save your life (and back)! I arrived and my amazing boss helped me to throw my suitcases into his car prior to running into our 9:30am call.

Screen Shot 2012 01 04 at 8.13.40 PM TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan   Moving for WorkPost-meeting included a conference call in his car while he drove me to the airport (thank you again, Andy!). I was dropped off, rolled my suitcases to the Southwest baggage check, and as soon as I heaved them up to the scale, the woman behind the counter left out a “Woosh!” and followed up with, “Do you want to just pay the extra weight fee?” Yes, ma’am, yes I do.

My flight departed Chicago Midway Airport at 2:50pm Central. I arrived in New York LaGuardia Airport around 6pm Eastern. I got my suitcases, answered some emails, had a few calls with my boss, and then boarded a taxi to my first sublet of a few until my apartment is ready! I have traveled to New York back and forth for years, and now I can actually stay a while!

NYC 1024x768 TheWorkingWardrobe Takes Manhattan   Moving for Work

So now that I am officially residing in New York City, it’s time to tackle a big question I’m sure many others face upon moving for work – now what?

First, there’s the catch-up. I had about 200 emails to get through and many, many-a conference call throughout the day. So I admit (guitily) that my first workday in New York consisted of being on my phone and behind a computer screen – in my pajamas. So tomorrow, I’ll make sure to find a coffee shop before my conference calls.