The Working Reading List

by Rachel Yeomans | January 29th, 2010   

We in the working world read so much information nearly every day. Work tips, how to build your business, how to survive in the economy, how to maintain your position, what are the latest trends in the workforce, expert advice, uplifting anecdotes, and constructive feedback. That’s a lot of information! Here is what we at TheWorkingWardrobe has been reading as of late and wish to share with you on a weekly basis because the article inspired us, the post gave us some great insight, the survey enlightened us, and at times we wanted to share with you a few articles in which we were featured! Enjoy the material, and please share any feedback you may have on these interesting subjects!

* bizMeOffice Fashion No’s

* A Man FashionHow to Find Men’s Designer Shoes Online

* stylelistShoes Are the Key to Changing Your Office Style

* Violet Revolution - Invest in your Wardrobe, Invest in Yourself

* CareerDiva- Time to retire the office khakis guys

* Inside Business - Making the case against business casual

* Instant Presenter10 Tips to Improve Your Online Presentations

* The Aspiring GentlemanThe man’s guide to removing smoke odor and scotch stains from his suit

* Ms. Career Girl - Welcome to the Senior Series

* Forbes WomanDo Men Dress to Impress?

* Work ChicSix Tips to Masterfully Manage Your Time

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