The Working Reading List: Stand Out at Work

by Rachel Yeomans | March 9th, 2012   

This week we discussed a few ways that brands and companies are thinking outside the box with their business methods and styles. So this week I want to show some articles that follow that theme of how to stand out at work.  Perhaps we’ll all get some inspiration from this one!

We also share more reads each day through our Twitter feed and Facebook page, so if you’re hungry for more, you have even more places to check out! Have you read something you want included or do you have a theme you’d like us to feature? Or more importantly, do you want to share your personal childhood influences? Let us know in the comments! Happy reading!

Woman Reading Paper2 The Working Reading List: Stand Out at Work
Bringing Work to Africa and Style to America (TheWorkingWardrobe): This month I discovered amazing endeavors that brands and designers are doing. These two focus on bringing work to Africa, and style to you.

What Motivates Young Entrepreneurs Now (Inc. Magazine): A new study reveals that young entrepreneurs are driven by rule-breaking, thinking outside the box, and friendship.

The Working Man: Mad Men for Men (TheWorkingWardrobe): We speak of Joan and Betty, but let’s not forget Don and Roger. We look at the Banana Republic Mad Men collection, and its manly fashions!

Stand Out: Five Wonderful Infographic Resumes for Inspiration (Ms. Career Girl): In this economy, it’s time to get creative especially if your field allows you to do so! Check out these less than conventional resumes!

Buzzword Bing: Cure for Boring Meetings? (Inc. Magazine): Do you attend a lot of boring meetings? Here’s a fun way to make them more interesting. (Whiskey might help, too.)

The Bold Trench Coat (TheWorkingWardrobe): The trench coat is a classic wardrobe item, but who says it has to be khaki? Transition into Spring with these bold trench coats!

Forget Generation Y: 18- to 34-Year-Olds Are Now Generation ‘C’ (Mashable): Nielsen has come up with a new name for this group based on their digitally-connected behaviors: Generation C.