The Working Reading List: Some Inspiration for Your New Year Goals

by Rachel Yeomans | January 13th, 2012   

As it is a New Year, you may be thinking of change or improvements to your current routine – aka the “New Year Goals”. With that comes the need for a little “inspiration”. This week I provide you with a series of articles that may help in that department. Because we all need a little “pick-me-up” every once in a while right? Happy New Year everyone!

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Woman Reading Paper1 The Working Reading List: Some Inspiration for Your New Year Goals

50 Radical New Year’s Resolutions (Dramatis Personae): Instead of intangible resolutions, here are 50 goals and resolutions for the New Year… some are thoughtful, some are playful, some are total trash! But what fun is life without a bit of trashiness, eh?

Are You Focused on Winning in 2012 (Forbes): A new year is all about possibilities, promise and potential. But making all those dazzling possibilities turn into a reality requires a real focus on, and a commitment to, winning.

Monday Start-Up: Who You Surround Yourself With Makes a Difference (TheWorkingWardrobe): By surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, these individuals boost your own confidence, outlook, even boost your business.

Your Best ROI? Employee Loyalty (Inc.): Decrease the likelihood your employees will leave, save money onboarding, and increase profitability–and receive notes like the one the author got from Brian Johnson.

Meet Tailbot: A Robotics Breakthrough Inspired by Dinosaurs (Mashable): Could the future of robotics actually lie somewhere in the ancient age of tyrannosaurus and velociraptors? That’s what the findings of an interdisciplinary group of UC Berkeley researchers appears to indicate.

Flea Market Finds and Inspiration (The Office Stylist): Don’t go to the flea markets to shop (well, we won’t yell at you if you pick up a few things). But rather, go there to become inspired! See what ideas you’ll get out of those adorable trinkets and treasures.

The Inspiring, Nerdy Toys of A.C. Gilbert (Scientific American): Before video games and robotics competitions, toys were much simpler: girls got dolls; boys got model trains and bicycles. Toys that promoted learning and experimentation were rare until one inventor, Alfred Carlton (“A. C.”) Gilbert, started making toys that taught children about science and engineering. His most famous, the Erector set, became one of the best -selling toys of its day and inspired children across the country to build everything from bridges to robots.

46 Percent of Kickstarter Projects Successfully Funded in 2011 (PaidContent): Online crowd funding platform Kickstarter raised just shy of $100 million in pledges in 2011, and successfully funded nearly 12,000 projects, or 46 percent of those launched. I am so proud and excited to say that TheWorkingWardrobe was one of those 12,000. It’s wonderful to know that so many others are as well!