The Working Reading List: Look Like a Leader, Fashion Week, Small Biz Success, and Over-Qualification

by Rachel Yeomans | September 16th, 2011   

Happy Friday! We hope that your week is wrapping up well, and you’re gearing up for a fantastic weekend. Here is our weekly wrap-up and recap of what we’ve been reading on business and business fashion throughout the interwebs. We also share more reads each day through our Twitter feed and Facebook page, so if you’re hungry for more, you have even more places to check out! Have you read something you want included? Let us know in the comments or email it to Happy reading!

Woman Reading Paper The Working Reading List: Look Like a Leader, Fashion Week, Small Biz Success, and Over Qualification

Set Yourself Up for Career Success – Do Whatever it Takes (Careerealism): Do you have a vision for where you are heading? What is the road map for your career success? Many of us are navigating uncharted waters.

How to Look and Act Like a Leader (The Wall Street Journal): To reach the top, executives must learn how to exude presence. Some tips: Don’t nod your head and do clean up your look.

Spring Ready-to-Wear 2012 (Womens Wear Daily): See complete coverage, photographs, video footage and more from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Small Business Success Requires Two Kinds Of Passion (Forbes): Over the years, as I have talked with budding entrepreneurs, it continues to amaze me how many have not conducted anything close to a prudent amount of research as they start their businesses. Indeed, they often act as if they must get their business going right now or they will just pop.

Lessons And Answers From A ConferencePlus Webinar (The Webinar Blog): I acted as guest speaker at today’s “Ask The Expert” webinar hosted by ConferencePlus. It was a particularly interesting session for me, as my internet connection completely died shortly before the webinar. There I was with my primary and backup computer at my desk, both useless.

Over-Qualification: When a Higher Degree Doesn’t Pay (Ms. Career Girl): One of the biggest pitfalls in a bad economy is to assume you need more education. Sometimes, it’s true. Often, though, you’ll end up overspending and overeducating yourself. … However, there are definite ways to further your education in a meaningful way that will help—not hinder—your career.


Great list, Rachel! I especially love the last one - so many of my friends are planning on continuing with grad or med school after they graduate because they're afraid they won't get a job. I'm one of the few that think you don't need to do that, and I'm still trying to convince them to believe me. ;)

theworkwardrobe moderator

@annedreshfield Thanks Anne! The last one was from @mscareergirl - definitely a great article to glean from! Good luck at your path of convincing! Part of it is definitely the attitude, and it takes a positive one to make things happen! :)