The Working Reading List: Happy Hour Venues, Don’ts of Corporate Social Media, Beat the Home Office Blues, Dress for the MBA, and More!

by Rachel Yeomans | August 12th, 2011   

Happy Friday! We hope that your week is wrapping up well, and you’re gearing up for a fantastic weekend. Here is our weekly wrap-up and recap of what we’ve been reading on business and business fashion throughout the interwebs. We also share more reads each day through our Twitter feed and Facebook page, so if you’re hungry for more, you have even more places to check out! Have you read something you want included? Let us know in the comments or email it to Happy reading!

Woman Reading Paper1 The Working Reading List: Happy Hour Venues, Donts of Corporate Social Media, Beat the Home Office Blues, Dress for the MBA, and More!

Venuetastic Creates a Market For Happy Hour Venues (Forbes): Struggling to find a place for the office happy hour or work event? The venture Venuetastic may be your go-to resource!

Beat the Home Office Blues (Inc.): So you’ve escaped, or narrowly missed, corporate cubicle confinement, but now you’re met with some very different challenges. Sure, working from the home office certainly has its benefits, but many solopreneurs are surprised by confusing emotions resulting from a different type of confinement.

The 10 “Don’ts“ of Corporate Social Media (Forbes): This is actually a series of posts. The link title takes you to the original post and the first of a series of 10 ”Don’ts“, and here are the others that I feel should be tacked on every office bulletin board!

The Working Woman’s Guide to Bringing Your Lunch to the Office (The Grindstone): Here are some tips for bringing your lunch to work that won’t
complicate your life any further. Brown bagging it just got a whole lot cooler.

Bosses Reveal the Worst Wardrobe Don’ts ( Certified Image Consultant and Chair of the Association of Image Consultants
International, Kelly Mashbitz worries about what messages some women today are sending with their office attire.

Learn the MBA Dress Code (Little Pink Book): When going from boardroom back to classroom (or to a more business-casual workplace), the last thing
you’re probably thinking about is what to wear. Learn how to transform yourself from business to back-to-school.