The Working Reading List: Dressing Your Business Wardrobe for Spring

by Rachel Yeomans | March 23rd, 2012   

Spring is in the air! In some areas of the coverage, there are even hints of summer. Yet as exciting as it is that we can take off our blazers and cardigans outside during our lunch break, we still have to put them back on at work. So how do we keep up with the season without worrying about perspiring over your paperwork. To help us ease through (and continue to enjoy) this seasonal transition, here is a roundup of articles and posts on dressing your business wardrobe for spring!

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Woman Reading Paper2 The Working Reading List: Dressing Your Business Wardrobe for Spring
Tory Burch Spring Jackets (TheWorkingWardrobe): As the seasons change, so must your wardrobe! Will one of these Tory Burch Spring Jackets become your favorite transitional piece?

Only the Half of It (New York Times): Skirts’ very multiplicity, emblematic of a fashion landscape in which no single style or trend prevails, is acting as catnip to consumers.

The Working Man: Spring Work Wear for Men (TheWorkingWardrobe): Spring work wear for men can be quite difficult to find. Here are some looks that bring fashion forward and skillfully bridge the gap between winter and spring.

Spring Fashion 2012: Seven Must-Have Items for Spring (International Business Times): The first official day of spring is Tuesday, March 20. That means it is finally time to switch out your fall wardrobe of black, wool and leather boots for pastels, silk organza and pumps.

Chic in a Jumpsuit (Workchic): Jumpsuit is a spring work wardrobe essential. Here are some styling tips on wearing jumpsuits.

Chanel Walking on the Beach (TheWorkingWardrobe): This week’s look from TWW Polyvore Group comes from some inspiration. I bring you a modern take of Chanel walking on the beach!

Work Wear for Spring: One Capsule, Many Outfits (YouLookFab): Here is the structure of a mix and match work wear capsule. With just 13 items, you can create many, many outfits.