The Working Reading List: College To-Do List, Fax Machines, Shaving for Men, and Office Pet Peeves

by Rachel Yeomans | October 7th, 2011   

Happy Friday! We hope that your week is wrapping up well, and you’re gearing up for a fantastic weekend. Here is our weekly wrap-up and recap of what we’ve been reading on business and business fashion throughout the interwebs. We also share more reads each day through our Twitter feed and Facebook page, so if you’re hungry for more, you have even more places to check out! Have you read something you want included? Let us know in the comments or email it to Happy reading!
Woman Reading Paper The Working Reading List: College To Do List, Fax Machines, Shaving for Men, and Office Pet Peeves

3 Things College Students Forget to do Before Graduation ( Join this webinar to learn what college students can do BEFORE they graduate that will set them apart from their peers and help them find work faster.

Do You Still Use Fax Machines? (The Office Stylist): In September we were curious if any of you still used fax machines so we put a poll all month long. Apparently quite a few of you still use them! Take a look…

Shaving Cream vs. Soaps (The Aspiring Gentleman): It’s not a secret that your face will thank you for using better products, especially for the morning shaving ritual.

LinkedIn Report: Top Office Pet Peeves (Forbes): A new LinkedIn report on Top Office Pet Peeves and advice from Nicole Williams about how young employees can address annoying behavior.

Polished and Professional (The Little Pink Book): You want to seal that next business deal with a handshake, and you know your fingernails show your attention to detail.

 free fax
free fax

Thanks for the list! I think on the "Do You Still Use Fax Machines?", it's still being used especially now that there's new innovations in using one online. A great read too.