The Working Reading List: Business Travel and Time Management

by Rachel Yeomans | April 27th, 2012   

Last week I was bouncing around airports and office buildings during my business trip to Chicago. This week my boss is visiting New York for work meetings on the East Coast. There has been a lot of travel going on! Therefore I have begun thinking about (and writing about) travel, time management, and other tidbits that involved some help with mobility and last-minute meetings (keep that blazer on hand!). Here is this week’s reading list on business travel and time management.

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Woman Reading Paper2 The Working Reading List: Business Travel and Time Management
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Is the Travel Agent Dead? (Inc.): Despite business travelers who insist on DIY hotel and airfare websites, travel agencies have managed to not only remain relevant, but expand business.

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8 Best Alternative Airports in America (Inc.): Discover what some of America’s little-known gems—smaller airports—have to offer. Inc. reveals a list of some of the best alternative airports where you can find convenience and fewer headaches.

Mobile Use Spurs Digital Travel Sales (eMarketer): Online travel research and booking relatively flat.

Design Your Work Wardrobe with Tracy Dyer of Urban Junket (TheWorkingWardrobe): In this month’s Professional Touch series, we interview eco-friendly handbag extraordinaire Tracy Dyer of Urban Junket. Check it out!

The Art of Shaving Travel Kit & Razor (Fashion Pulse Daily): A nice treat for any man in your life would be to give them something that will make an everyday task simpler, more enjoyable, and even luxurious. The Art

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