The Working Reading List: Adding Some Color

by Rachel Yeomans | June 1st, 2012   

As you have been reading in some of my posts this week, I came across the term “Abundant Black Disorder” and I had the horrid realization that I suffer from this shameful label! (In fact, I was wearing my favorite black tunic and black leggings with – yes – black ballet flats while reading about the “disorder”.) I decided to take action and add some color! There are many of us who not only wear black a wee bit too often, but we can bring that color into the office in an emotional sense as well. We may have laughed at the hilarious Almost Famous quote, “Your aura is purple!”, however there is something to be said about a sunny disposition. It’s hard to be cranky in yellow, isn’t it? So dear readers, here is our working reading list on all things colorful – from your outfits to your attitudes. Your workday may just never be the same again!

We also share more reads each day through our Twitter feed and Facebook page, so if you’re hungry for more, you have even more places to check out! Have you read something you want included or do you have a theme you’d like us to feature? Let us know in the comments! Happy reading!

Woman Reading Paper2 The Working Reading List: Adding Some Color
Today’s Coveted Working Look: A Cure for Abundant Black Disorder (TheWorkingWardrobe): When seeking a cure for Abundant Black Disorder, look no further than Diane von Furstenberg. She provides the fashion Band-Aid we need!

Color Me Business: Analyzing Shades is Regional Specialty (Los Altos Town Crier): Have you ever just felt blue, or green with envy, or in a black mood? People often attribute feelings to color beyond its straightforward visual effect.

What The Colour You’re Wearing Says About You (Huffington Post Canada): When I wore black to business meetings in San Francisco, I was perceived as sophisticated. However, when I wore black to meetings in certain small school districts, I was considered aloof. A change of wardrobe colour altered perceptions. What do the colours you wear say about you?

Dragging at Work? Consider a Few Pick-me-Ups to Boost Your Energy (Click On Detroit): Fighting fatigue at your desk can be tough, but there are some tricks to stay alert and energized throughout the day.

Rebecca Minkoff Brights in the Office (TheWorkingWardrobe): Which would you pair with bright teal: more bold color or neutrals? Will you be wearing Rebecca Minkoff brights in the office this season?

Student Fashion: Maximizing Your Investment with One Skirt Styled Three Ways (TheWorkingWardrobe): With floral being big this season, here’s how you can work it at the office! And we kept a budget: 1 floral skirt 3 different ways!

For the Men: How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe (Esquire): Everyone could use some extra color in his wardrobe. Some tips on how to get just the right amount.

Effects of Color: Blue Boosts Creativity, Red Enhances Attention to Detail (Science Daily): A new study reconciles a debate that has long raged among marketers and psychologists: What color most improves brain performance and receptivity to advertising, red or blue? It turns out they both can, it just depends on the nature of the task or message.

Floral Cardigans (TheWorkingWardrobe): What’s in bloom this season? Floral cardigans! They’re perfect for bringing a bit of spring into the office.

Afraid of Adding Color to Your Wardrobe? (Inspired By Family Magazine): This article helps with some color combinations (even supported by a color wheel!), and showcases outfit examples. Don’t have a guide to color for your clothing? You do now!

Taking a Bright Skirt to Work (TheWorkingWardrobe): How do you build an outfit around one bright skirt for under $100 and bring it to work? Well, here’s how!