The Working Reading List

by Rachel Yeomans | March 5th, 2010   

Hello everyone! I hope you didn’t miss us too much after we decided to take a long weekend and regrettably did not post our weekly reading list. However that doesn’t mean we’re leaving you high and dry this week as well! So dear readers, here is our weekly reading list that includes articles and blog posts that feature work tips, how to build your business, how to survive in the economy, how to maintain your position, what are the latest trends in the workforce, expert advice, uplifting anecdotes, and constructive feedback. Enjoy the material, and please share any feedback you may have on these interesting subjects!

* Forbes WomanFeeling Like A Fraud: Living With Impostor Syndrome

* AOL Find a JobWork Like Your Nail Color, Even if It’s Nude

* Astek BlogReal Time Customer Service

* Forbes WomanFind Happiness At Work

* Mini-Biz BuzzListen To The “Experts” But Don’t Lose Sight Of Your Path

* Ms. Career GirlOne Family’s Recipe for Happiness

* HeatherPorter.comCustomer Service the Old-Fashioned Way

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woman reading newspaper The Working Reading List