The Working Reading List

by Rachel Yeomans | February 5th, 2010   

Welcome to the second installment of “The Working Reading List”!. Here is what we at TheWorkingWardrobe has been reading as of late and wish to share with you including work tips, how to build your business, how to survive in the economy, how to maintain your position, what are the latest trends in the workforce, expert advice, uplifting anecdotes, and constructive feedback. Enjoy the material, and please share any feedback you may have on these interesting subjects!

* Daily Mail UKProfessional women are the new big drinkers: They down double the alcohol of those in lower paid jobs

* CNN MoneyDon’t wear pajamas for a phone interview

* College Fashion - What Do I Wear There? Conservative Occasions

* - Is “Faking It“ Okay? Is Faking Your Business Savvy Warranted to Build Your Business Confidence?

* Forbes WomanSmart Travel 101

* Commerce With a ConscienceUnobtainable: C PAS

* Style Bubble - The Good Kind of Baggage

* New York TimesCustom-Made Is Spreading Far Beyond Savile Row

* bizMeThe Softer Side: toning up your soft skills

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woman reading newspaper The Working Reading List