The Gen Y Office: Stretching your Wardrobe-Graphic Tees

by Rachel Yeomans | June 1st, 2010   

By Sharalyn Hartwell

It’s that time of year when Gen Y’ers are packing up, getting ready for summer jobs and internships. Space is often limited and cramped, especially when it comes to closet space, which means you have to make your wardrobe stretch. Your favorite graphic tee is more versatile than you might think.

Comfy Casual
This is the look you usually wear with your graphic tee–paired with your favorite worn shorts or jean skirt, flip flops and maybe a lightweight cardigan. This is the perfect look for weekend farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts or games.

Graphictee Deb1 The Gen Y Office: Stretching your Wardrobe Graphic Tees

Funky Professional

You might have ever thought so, but you actually CAN wear your graphic tee to work. It all comes down to what you wear with it. The graphic tee moves seamlessly to the key piece in a funky, trendy professional ensemble when you pair it with a structured pencil skirt and shrunken blazer. Let the embellished shirt be the focal point by keeping your accessories minimal (think sparkly stud earrings) and your makeup neutral.

graphictee Target1 The Gen Y Office: Stretching your Wardrobe Graphic Tees

Rockin’ Out

Contrary to popular belief, going out clothes can actually be comfortable–your graphic tee is living proof. Wear your graphic tee with a pair of great skinny jeans,(the darker or more distressed the denim is, the better) and you have the basis for a cool rocker look. Finish it off by wearing a pair of great, sexy heels (gladiators would work perfectly for this look), long necklace, hoop earrings and smoky eyes.

Graphictee Urbanoutfitters1 The Gen Y Office: Stretching your Wardrobe Graphic Tees

One t-shirt, three great looks. You can make do with limited space and clothing options this summer.