Monday Start-Up: Tales from 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

by Rachel Yeomans | March 4th, 2013   
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It’s now been over a week. If you’ve been checking out my Instagram account, you have probably been infiltrated with way too many pictures at this point. But sorry, I’m going to keep clicking away. It’s just too darn pretty!

shhhhh Monday Start Up: Tales from 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

The last time we spoke, I shared stories of London and dipping our toes into the Paris scene. Now we are fully in Parisian tourist mode (with stints of fun denial that we actually are truly French – channeling you, Julia Child). I have many stories to share and photos to spread through the social media stratosphere. I shall give you the truncated version, but I have to say this “vacation thing” is really growing on me.

The one thing I will say about vacations is this: People respond to vacations in different ways. Some set the alarm to get up and go and not miss a single thing. Others enjoy the fact that the alarm doesn’t have to exist. Moreover, you can sleep in and take your time getting ready and even take a bath in the middle of the day with a martini at the ready. Hint – I’m that type of vacationer.

The earliest I woke up since the vacation was around 9:30am yesterday to attend a fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week. My dear friend Laura is in Poland on a Fulbright and is visiting for a few days, and I told her I’d take her to this runway show. One other thing about vacations: You don’t realize how dependent you are on being plugged in throughout your daily routine. I had the address of the hotel written down, but not the name. My phone doesn’t work here, and the phone my boyfriend and I bought to work in Europe was back in the flat with my boyfriend.

Two things happened. The address I wrote down didn’t exist. Why? Because I wrote it down wrong. Second, we found ourselves in the middle of what seemed to be a really important marathon event. There were live bands and taped-off streets and hordes of participants. We had to do a mad dash through streams of runners who were shouting, “Come on, Ladies!” after waiting 20 minutes just to get to the other side of the Seine. Sorry guys! (Upon returning to the flat, I discovered that this was only a semi-marathon. The full marathon is in April. I can’t imagine the crowds for that one!)

marathon Paris Monday Start Up: Tales from 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

Needless to say, we completely missed the fashion show. Laura stated: “Runners were in our way on our way to the runway.”

So instead we decided to do some shopping. Well, I also conveniently forgot that almost all of Paris is closed on Sundays. Let’s just say there was a lot of walking throughout St. Germain. I’m very glad it was sunny outside. The day wasn’t a complete bust however, as we did discover one open shop and definitely did our damage in purchasing (hello ridiculous faux fur coat that had to be mine).

We also had a tremendous evening as we met my boyfriend at the Eiffel Tower to take a dinner cruise on the Seine. I know it’s cheesy and touristy, but oh my gosh it was such a fun time. I recommend it, and ask for a window seat. Laura and I were akin to the paparazzi of Paris by the end of it. Here’s Laura mid-camera-shot.

taking photos Monday Start Up: Tales from 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

The Eiffel Tower is also open for visitors until 11pm. The boat docked at 8pm, so of course we wanted to ascend to the top of the Eiffel Tower to see Paris in all of its lit-up splendor. And as soon as we walked up to the base, the entire tower did the sparkly glittery thing that it’s known to do; and yes I loved every minute of it.

The view was gorgeous. I conquered my mini fear of heights. And I of course got some amazing photos!

top of eiffel tower Monday Start Up: Tales from 2eme Arrondissement de Paris

This however was just yesterday. There was a ton of other things that we’ve done since then. A quick run-down:

  • Sainte-Chapelle
  • Palais-Royal
  • Shakespeare & Company
  • Musee D’Orsay
  • Les Deux Magots (yes I’m a literary dork)
  • Notre Dame
  • Gardens of the Louvre (we’re doing the museum today)
  • Oh the restaurants
  • Oh the cafes
  • Oh the fun bars
  • And oooooh the walking

So if we can do all that with vacation left to burn, then I say I’m warranted to sleep in each morning – and even nap in the afternoons. We’ll see what this week brings!