SpeakingOfFashion: NYC Sample Sales, Starbucks Pricing & the New Gig

by Rachel Yeomans | January 15th, 2012   

Welcome to the first NYC-based SpeakingOfFashion podcast! As I’m now officially in NYC, I discuss my goings-on in the city with my new “office space”, City Walks, and tackling the NYC sample sale – yes I survived my NYC hazing. Ryan M. Beshel of TheBowTieMemoirs dishes about his new job managing PR for 900 N Michigan Shops. And both discuss Milan Fashion Week, the pre-Fall Fashion Week (the pre-preview?), and the price of a Starbucks coffee in Manhattan – I loved the New York Times article on this one!

NYC Sample Sales, Starbucks Pricing & Ryan’s New Gig! by SpeakingOfFashion

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