One Month Left to Subscribe to Rachel’s Quarterly Gift Box

by Rachel Yeomans | May 19th, 2014   

That’s right folks, you have one month before my very first gift box from Quarterly ships! I couldn’t be more excited! The contents are super close to being finalized and hot diggity it’s going to be good! (Yes, I just said hot diggity. And I’m not ashamed.)

For those you have not read my previous blog post on the subject, Quarterly is a gift subscription service where you can pay an average of $50 every three months to receive a gift from a celebrity “curator” featuring hand-picked items based on a certain theme. You can buy one box at a time or subscribe to receive them automatically every three months.

rachel yeomans quarterly One Month Left to Subscribe to Rachels Quarterly Gift Box

See this box? You guessed it – it’s the one you will be getting on your doorstep in a mere handful of weeks! Want to know what’s in it?

Imagine…a summer evening.

You just got home from work (and what a fantastic outfit you have on, I just have to say), and without bothering to change, you head straight to your back porch. Because it’s that gorgeous outside. You’re now sitting on your comfy wicker chair, feet propped up on a matching foot stool. You’re sipping some wine and flipping through a book or magazine you took out of your purse. Then, KAPOW! You read a quote that just jumps right out at you. It’s so good that you read it twice…the second time out loud. You just have to tweet about it, and tweet about it you do…using a new Twitter tip you just learned from a friend. Look at you and your fancy hashtags! Then you refill your glass, sit back and continue to enjoy the wind-down of a grand day.

quarterly box One Month Left to Subscribe to Rachels Quarterly Gift Box

Vague, yes, but you’ll understand when you receive the box. Haven’t subscribed yet? Here is the link to do just that! Like I said, you don’t have to feel obligated to subscribe. You can purchase one box and leave it at that! And I promise, this is a good one. There is item alone that is well over the cost of the price you’ll pay for it…and there are at least four other items included. Plus, five of you lucky readers will receive boxes that are well worth over $300! What can I say, I want to spoil you a bit.

This is an enormous honor for me and I can’t tell you how excited I am to provide this service to you. If you can’t subscribe now, please tell your friends and family about it, ask others to share and let’s get this showing up on as many doorsteps as possible!

Thank you all so much; I can’t wait to hear about what you think of the first box!