Pick What Our Editor Wears to Work

by Rachel Yeomans | June 9th, 2014   

For those who haven’t discovered the magic that is Shop It To Me, you are about to be introduced. And for that, I’m sorry…for your credit card statement that is.

shop it to me Pick What Our Editor Wears to Work

Shop It To Me is a brilliant site that curates clothing items and accessories that are on sale (and by on sale, I mean really on sale!). You create an account, select your favorite designers and brands, select your size and they not only showcase those items on sale in your size but they also send you a daily email featuring said items. Many of the items you see in our “Today’s Coveted Working Look” series are inspired from Shop it to Me. And yes, men can also subscribe.

Oh, and they’re iOS app? Also amazing…and addictive.

Now comes the fun part! Shop it to Me is sending me an item to review on TheWorkingWardrobe! I admit, it’s always hard for me when companies ask me to choose items. Oh the decisions! So I thought of something fun…I present to you three items that I can’t decide between. I want you, dear readers, to pick which one I should have them send me!. I’ll then wear and review the item on my blog (and feature an outfit photo via Instagram of course).

And there’s more! Once that post is live, I want you to think about which item you would want Shop it to Me to send to you! You can pick anything $200 or under and one lucky person will be given the item from Shop It To Me. Details will be revealed in the next blog post…but for now, please help me pick what I’m going to wear!

Vote for your favorite in the comments and that’s what I’ll review from Shop It To Me.

First contestant goes to a printed sleeve tuxedo jacket from Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent:

color sleeve blazer Pick What Our Editor Wears to Work

The second, a gorgeous pink lace number by Tadashi Shoji…

pink lace dress Pick What Our Editor Wears to Work

And the third option is…the DVF leopard shirt-dress (meow):

leopard shirt dress Pick What Our Editor Wears to Work


(And yes, I can make all three of these work for the office…just you find out how…)

Again, vote for your favorite in the comments below! You’ll find out the winner when I review the winning item!

Stay tuned!!!


I vote for the tuxedo jacket