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Monday Start-Up: Office Decor

by Rachel Yeomans | December 23rd, 2013   
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Sure it’s fun looking pretty at the office, but what about if you’re the prettiest thing in the office? One of my grand accomplishments this month was finally decorating my second bedroom/office! Before I was working amongst unpacked boxes and bare walls. Where is the inspiration in that, I ask you? Needless to say, there were a lot of unproductive afternoons working in that room.

About two weeks ago, that changed. I still have things left to unpack, but that didn’t mean that they needed to take over an entire room! I unpacked all items that were now ready for a home, and the remaining two boxes are in my extra closet. The room now features a daybed, my grandmother’s secretary desk, a vintage rug, a mirror, a vase, a decorative suitcase and five hanging paintings and posters and even a vintage mirror!

daybed Monday Start Up: Office Decor

The daybed I purchased from World Market (now on sale!). Only difference is that my daybed cover is dark purple.


The best part is the sun streaming through the window during the day…and the door I no longer have to keep closed out of sheer embarrassment. It’s amazing how much more I get done now when working from home, plus my cat has a whole new area to lounge in and explore. You’re welcome, Fitzgerald.

Granted, the decor is only the beginning to how I want to play with that second room. After my initial move into my apartment this past January, I’ve taken a break from decorating to get used to my surroundings and focus on my routine. Now I’m getting the decorating bug back. Watch out…there may be many more framed pictures in my hallway upon your next visit!

This even prompted decorating my desk space at the office. Sometimes it’s nice looking at something pretty when you need to look away from the computer and just think for a while.

For instance, looking at an adorable bright wall shelf.

blue shelf Monday Start Up: Office Decor

Or chuckling at a decorative stapler.

grasshopper stapeler Monday Start Up: Office Decor

Or finding inspiration from a not-so-ordinary desk lamp.

cute desk lamp Monday Start Up: Office Decor

Now that the big bad boxes are gone, I can focus on the little things that make my workday more productive…and stylish.

What’s your favorite office accessory or decor? Please share!