Monday Start-Up: I Have a Home!

by Rachel Yeomans | February 18th, 2013   
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Dear readers of TheWorkingWardrobe. It’s official. This publication’s publisher has a home!

After a full day of moving boxes and suitcases and some random shopping bags, everything I own (well, almost; I still have to pick up my freight shipping boxes at Amtrak, but that’s a mere detail) is in one place!

Friday was the big move into my new 2nd-floor apartment in the North Center neighborhood of Chicago. Here’s how that day went:

  1. 8:30am – Starbucks.
  2. 9:00am – Arrive at bank to get a cash withdrawal as the moving company accepts cash only.
  3. 11:30am – Depart from U-Haul to drive to my boyfriend’s aunt’s factory in the suburbs where most of my life has been stored for the past year and a half.
  4. 12:30pm – Arrive at the factory.
  5. 1:40pm – The fabulous employees of said factory loaded all my items into the U-Haul (I even scored some additional patio furniture that was no longer wanted!) and we head back to Chicago.
  6. 2:30pm – Park the U-Haul at the apartment. The movers are arriving at 3pm – time to stop at Beans & Bagels for a bagel sandwich and much-needed additional coffee.
  7. 3:15pm – Movers arrive – the owner as well as he wanted to personally apologize for being 15 minutes late due to an elevator breaking down with a previous move. Gotta love that customer service!
  8. 4:30pm – First half of move complete (btw it’s amazing what human beings can lift and balance). Now the coordination begins.
    1. Route 1: My boyfriend drives the U-Haul to my friend’s apartment to pick up her mattress and box spring that she is very kindly bestowing upon me.
    2. Route 2: The movers meet me at my boyfriend’s condo to get his couch and love seat that he is also giving me, along with all the clothes and boxes that have piled up at his home from my multiple Chicago visits from New York – I was driven there by the owner of the moving company – woop!
  9. 5:00pm – Route 1 complete. My boyfriend delivers the mattress and box spring. While he was gone, one mover stayed behind to put my bed and dining room table together – yay! My boyfriend then leaves to drop off the U-Haul.
  10. 5:30pm – Route 2 complete after some hilarious maneuvering to get the couch through the condo door. I actually saw the couch being balanced by Styrofoam wine containers. I knew there was a very logical reason for my ordering wine online! The movers head back to the apartment and the owner of the moving company picks me up to follow behind.
  11. 6:15pm – The move is complete! My items are safe and the total cost was less than my quote. I gave the rest for tip – they definitely earned it.
  12. 8:00pm – One of my best friends shows up with a bottle of wine to celebrate. The best way to end a move.

It was indeed a long day, but all in all a great experience and one of the best moves I’ve had. Saturday was taken up with unpacking. I’m mostly all unpacked, save for hanging my paintings and such. But I’m thrilled to share with you the beginnings of my new home. There is also an office that is currently occupied by boxes, a sun room and a private balcony that didn’t make the photo roll. Like I said, I’m decorating.

entry Monday Start Up: I Have a Home!

dining room 2 Monday Start Up: I Have a Home!

dining room Monday Start Up: I Have a Home!

fireplace buffet Monday Start Up: I Have a Home!

living room Monday Start Up: I Have a Home!

I can’t tell you how great it was to sit in my favorite red chair in front of the living room window with my favorite coffee mug reading the newspaper on Sunday morning. I sense a routine forming!


Happy housewarming. Apartment looks great! Congrats! Let's catch up soon!

theworkwardrobe moderator

 @joekutchera Thanks Joe! It's changed a bit since then with some furniture rearrangements and hanging my pictures. Starting to feel like home! :)