Monday Start-Up: Setting Up Home

by Rachel Yeomans | February 4th, 2013   

While flipping through pages of this month’s issue of Elle magazine, I was completely giddy over a spread devoted to actress Ginnifer Goodwin’s vintage-inspired home. Not only am I obsessed with the TV series, “Once Upon a Time” (it’s true, one of my friends and I gathered once a month in my apartment to watch several of the latest episodes back-to-back. Now that I moved we’re scheduling viewing/phone recap dates), but I am completely obsessed with home decor.

apartment decorating 3 Monday Start Up: Setting Up Home

Seriously, a hanger for a tea kettle? So fabulous.

Here I am now back in Chicago after moving from New York, and I’m done with living out of suitcases. Seriously; done. Not even in Chicago for a week, I scheduled several apartment showings, and ecstatically found one in one of my favorite neighborhoods of North Center boasting two bedrooms, renovated windows and floors, new kitchen, fresh paint, tons of closet space and a private balcony, all for the same price as my first apartment in New York that probably was about the size of this apartment’s kitchen.

Chicago apartment Monday Start Up: Setting Up Home

chicago apartment 1 Monday Start Up: Setting Up Home

With that being said, I have some rooms to fill. Not only am I insanely excited to get my vintage furniture out of storage and put to good use again, but I also will have extra space for inhabiting new furniture into my new home. And let me tell you, Ms. Goodwin’s home made me want to buy some steampunk lamp fixtures ASAP.

apartment decorating Monday Start Up: Setting Up Home

apartment decorating 4 Monday Start Up: Setting Up Home

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